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To install a game panel, follow these steps:

If you have a Linux VPS and are logged in as root, execute the following command and follow the upcoming steps:

bash <(curl -s

It will then prompt you to choose what you want to install:
- If you want to install both the panel and the wings (node), choose 2 (recommended).
- If you want to install only the wings, choose 1.
- If you want to install only the panel, choose 0.

Next, it will ask you how you want to name the "database name":
Press enter.

For "database username", also press enter.

Then it will ask you for a password. Press enter if you want to generate one, or type your own password.

Choose your VPS timezone or simply press enter.

It will then ask for an email to create an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate for your Pterodactyl panel. Enter your email.

Next, it will ask for an email address to create a user account. Enter your own email address.

Enter your username.

Then your first name, and it will also ask for your last name.

Choose a password that you find easiest.

Then it will ask for a panel domain, e.g., (recommended), or it can be a plain IP address (not recommended).

Then it will ask you yes and no questions. Type 'Y' twice.

You will then see a lot of information, ignore this as it is part of the installation.

It will then ask you to send anonymous telemetry data, also type yes here.

The installation will continue (this may take some time).

Again, type 'Y' everywhere.

Press enter when prompted for a panel address, then press 'Y' again.

Next, press enter for "database host username".

It will then ask for a password for the database host. Enter your self-generated password here.

Press 'Y' again.

It will ask you to enter a node address, e.g., (recommended), or it can be an IP address (not recommended).

Press 'Y' twice.

The email address you provided at the beginning of the installation for Let's Encrypt.

Type 'Y' then.

Congratulations, you have completed the panel installation! Now, configure everything for the node and database!

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