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  • Monday, 22nd January, 2024
  • 09:37am

Good morning all,

Finally! The time has come! Tomorrow -- Tuesday, January 23 -- we hope to continue with new unprecedented specifications! 

Our services will be even faster and more reliable than you've come to expect!


What exactly is changing?

Currently we are using Intel Xeon E5-2670 CPUs, in combination with SATA SSDs and DDR3 RAM memory, even though these servers have given us loyal service for a long time, we have decided to switch to a new chapter!


We are going to move everything over to our own servers starting Tuesday, January 23, containing:


Intel® Xeon® Gold 6152 proccesors

Fast NVMe SSDs

Fast and reliable DDR4 RAM memory


This upgrade will allow us to handle more customers, and give our existing customers a huge boost with the speed of their service!


How can I transfer my service?

Would you like to hitch a ride on this new adventure? Then create a ticket on our website starting Tuesday, January 23, so we can transfer all the data, and you can enjoy your fast service!



On January 27, we are switching rack in Equinix AM5. To make this move go smoothly, we will unfortunately experience a short period of downtime, scheduled at 23:00**. We are trying to delay this as long as possible so that you will not be affected during the day. We rely on your understanding during this transition. You can see the progress on our statuspage


If you have any questions left about the server switch or our relocation.


To all our (former) customers thank you very much from us, without you this step would never have been possible! Together we are making FlexyNode even better!



Kind regards:

Team FlexyNode


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